Packing with Llamas


Llamas make excellent pack animals. They can carry up to 20% (about 60 to 90 pounds) of their own body weight. Because of their padded feet, llamas have minimal impact on the land and can access the same hiking trails that you can on foot. Llamas' eyes are situated on their head in such a way that allows them to see virtually 360 degrees, allowing them to see everything around them, making them sure footed and less likely to spook. Llamas are browsers and require little packed food because they can subsist on available vegetation while hiking. A properly fitted llama pack system is essential when packing with a llama.

Photos courtesy of Split Rock Ranch


The following Llamas of Central Colorado ranch members may offer trained pack llamas for sale:

Split Rock Ranch: Jim & Brenda Vance (719) 689-0553,