Llamas for Breeding/Raising


Llamas are raised by many ranches and farms for many purposes. Most ranches/farms focus on breeding llamas for a specific purpose, such as show quality, breeding quality, or pack llamas, or companion and guard animals, or fiber producers, and some ranches/farms offer each one or most of these types of llamas.

Llamas are induced ovulators so females can be bred at virtually any time. The average gestation period for a llama varies from 340 to 370 days. The baby llama, or cria, is usually born during the daylight hours and is up and able to run within hours of birth. Crias can be weaned between four and six months of age.

Llamas only need a three-sided shelter for protection from the weather elements. Good quality grass hay and access to clean water at all times is important. Llamas need to be dewormed twice a year and vaccinated as recommended by a veterinarian. Llamas are easy to transport in a horse trailer, a van or in the back of a pickup truck fitted with a topper shell or stock rack.

Llamas have incredible personalities and are a joy to own.



The following Llamas of Central Colorado ranch members offer llamas for sale:

Split Rock Ranch, Jim & Brenda Vance (719) 689-0553 brenda.vance@splitrockllamas.com