Llamas - Fiber Production


Llama fiber varies in texture, length, thickness and quality. It is a hollow fiber, making it very warm because it traps the warm air and holds it. It is generally very soft in texture and does not contain lanolin, so it provides a great alternative fiber for people who are allergic to sheep wool. Llama fiber can be spun into yarn for use in hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters and socks. It can be wet felted or needle felted into slippers, vests, hats, wall hangings, mittens, or anything that felt can be used for. It can also be used raw for locker hooking into rugs or wall hangings. Llama fiber comes in many different colors and shades, including black, brown, red/brown, white, gray and variations in between.

The following Llamas of Central Colorado ranch members provide llama fiber and/or yarn for sale:

Split Rock Ranch, Jim & Brenda Vance (719) 689-0553  brenda.vance@splitrockllamas.com



Below are photos of llama fiber blended with wool, alpaca, silk, and/or camel down


Above is a close-up photo of llama fiber on the llama


All photos courtesy of Split Rock Ranch