Llamas as Guard Animals


Llamas are very effective livestock guard animals. They easily bond with a selected herd of sheep, cattle or goats and will guard against predators such as coyotes and dogs. It is more effective to use a single llama per herd because llamas tend to bond with each other and may ignore the herd if more than one llama is used. If a male llama is used as a guard animal, it is generally better to use a gelded animal. The use of llamas as guard animals has helped many ranchers to virtually eliminate lamb and calf losses to most predators.


Gelding llama resting with sleeping crias


The following Llamas of Central Colorado ranch members may have guard llamas available for sale:

Split Rock Ranch, Jim & Brenda Vance (719) 689-0553 brenda.vance@splitrockllamas.com





Photo courtesy of Split Rock Ranch