Llamas as Companions and Pet Therapy Animals


Llamas make excellent companion animals and pets. Taking a walk with a llama is an excellent way to get exercise and fresh air.  Even young children can lead a well-trained llama. Just watching the llamas as they play, graze and interact with each other is a great way to lower your blood pressure and increase your feeling of well-being. Add to this the benefit of being able to pack your hiking necessities on your llama and some beautiful fiber to spin, and it makes this gorgeous animal a wonderful and useful animal!

Llamas have a very gentle and inquisitive nature and their visits provide residents of nursing homes, hospices and hospitals much needed stimulation and enjoyment. Llamas must pass a screening with the Delta Society and be certified as a therapy animal before being allowed to enter health care facilities, etc.


Photo on left shows LOCC members participating in a parade in Cripple Creek, Colorado

Photo on right shows LOCC member participating in Fairplay Llama Pack Race


The following Llamas of Central Colorado ranch members may offer companion llamas for sale:

Split Rock Ranch, Jim & Brenda Vance (719) 689-0553 brenda.vance@splitrockllamas.com






Photos courtesy of Split Rock Ranch